2019 Selected Individual Papers

The following individual papers have been accepted for the 2019 Conference at Saitama University.
(In alphabetical order by the presenter’s last name)

Barnett, Tanya, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
Erasure as Self-Fashioning: Reading Intentionality and Performance in Miyazawa Kenji’s Bungoshikō ippyappen

Boller, Arvin, Ateneo De Manila University
Social Construction of Public Fear in the Context of Fractured Philippine Political Identities

Bronson, Adam, Durham University
Revolutionary Circle or Reactionary Clique? Historians, Literary Critics, and the Cultural Politics of Left-Wing Nationalism in 1950s Japan

Brown, Alexander, Japan Women’s University
Prefigurative Politics at the Anti-G8 Summit Protests in Hokkaido: The Sociology of Translation in Transnational Activist Space

Bytheway, Simon James, Nihon University
Zaibatsu Dissolution and Post-War Reorganization

Cardin, Philip Randall, Purdue University
Democratic Rhetoric and Conceptual Stretching: Authoritarians’ Use of the Vocabulary of Democracy

Chaichanavichakit, Akadet, Waseda University
Reconceptualize Migration Decision of Burmese Workers in Thailand: Invisible Forces Behind Perpetuating Cycle of International Movement

Chan, Jessica Ka Yee, University of Richmond, USA
Indirect Translation through Japanese as a Vehicular Language: Lu Xun and Sino-Russian Literary Translation

Chan, Ying-kit, Princeton University
Little Thailand: Golden Mile Complex in Singapore

Chen, Ling-chieh, SOAS, University of London
Censorship and the Postal Service in China during World War One

Chow, Sheryl Man-Ying, Princeton University
Remade in Transmission: Western Music Theory in 17th-Century China

Chung, Yousun, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
A Bumpy Road to ‘Nuclear-Free Homeland (feihe jiayuan)’: Debate over Nuclear Power Phase-Out in Taiwan

Dashorst, Bart, National Taiwan University
When Post-isms Collide: Re-Reading Taiwan’s Postcolonialism and Postmodernism Through A Brighter Summer Day and Super Citizen Ko

Diehl, Chad R., Loyola University Maryland
Embodying Japanese Empire: Tattooing and Judo in Colonial Taiwan

Duro, Agota, Hiroshima Peace Institute
The Role of Christianity in the Support of South Korean Atomic Bomb Victims in Japan

Ehalt, Romulo da Silva, Keio University
Molina, Rebelo and Fragoso and the Japanese Slavery Problem

Hasangani, K. A. Sandunika, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Virtual Construction/Representation of Sinhalaness on Social Media in Post-War Sri Lanka (2009—2018)

Hatano, Ayako, University of Tokyo
Incomplete Internationalization of International Human Rights?: A Case study of Anti-Hate Speech Law and Anti-Racism Movement in Japan

Hiranpruek, Nichamon, Waseda University
Decoding the Success of Craft Knowledge Survival: the Roles of Master Carpenter and the Influences from Capital and Habitus in Japanese Carpentry Field

Homma, Miki, Waseda University
The Adaption of Chinese Bird and Flower Painting to Islamic art

Hoshino, Noriaki, Hong Kong Baptist University
On Transpacific Knowledge Production and Japanese Migrants

Hu, Ziyi, The University of Hong Kong
The Weakening of “Yin”: The Suicide and the Unpunished Endings of Wanton Women in Ming-Qing Fiction

Huang, Qian, Erasmus University Rotterdam
 Chinese Vigilant Patriots on Social Media: “Defend our motherland like we are defending our idols”

Huang, Ying, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Exploring the Global-Local Nexus: Shoujo Manga and Shaonu Manhua in Contemporary China

Huh, Duim, University of Tokyo
Science Textbooks in Occupation: Contrasting Vicissitudes of “Busshō” (物象) in Japan and Korea in the 1940s

Huynh, Thanh-Phong, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Historical authenticity of the “Three Kingdoms culture” in the Sino-Japanese context of the 20th century

Hynd, Alexander M, Korea University
Inter-Korean Relations and South Korea’s Maritime Security Strategy:  Linking Local, Regional and Global Threats

Ippolito, Matias Chiappe, Waseda University
The Utopian Image of Latin America in Japanese Literature: Catholic Redemptions in Kenzaburō Ōe’s Mexico

Jing, Lun, Duke University/Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies
Re(-) forming Meiji in Postwar Japan: The Architectural Representation of Museum Meiji-mura

Kaibin, Ouyang, Hong Kong University
Icarus in Modern China: Transcultural Artist Subjectivity Formation in the Case of Mu Xin (1927—2011)

Kamei-Dyche, Andrew T., Saitama University
Purveyors of Books and Nodes in Networks: Bookstores in the Cultural Landscape of Early Twentieth-Century Japan

Kang, Yang Gu, Kyoto University
Caring Bodies, Caring Spirits, Increasing Productivity: Contemporary Animism of the iIndigenous Raglai under the Socialist Vietnam Reign

Katramiz, Tarek, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability
Living with Nuclear Power: Risk, Uncertainty and Hope in a Host Community in Japan

Kim, HyoJin, Waseda University
Between National Language and Ethnic Language: The Cia-Cia’s Ongoing Challenges to Preserve its Mother Tongue

Kim, Inhan, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
The Rise and Fall of Inter-Korean Economic Relations

Lambrecht, Nicholas, University of Chicago
Displacement: Settling Postwar Exile Through New Literary Journeys

Lee, Jung Eun, Seoul National University
The Birth of New Symbolism: To Be an “Ideal Nation” of North Korea

Lee, Yeonju, SOAS University of London
The Construction of Nationalism in Ch’ŏndogyo after Liberation

Li, Jinhua, University of North Carolina, Asheville
Identities in Flux: Mobility, Flexibility, and Diversity in a Post-Nation Asia

Li, Yanling, Stony Brook University
Love, Pleasure and Escape: Women’s Viewership of Gay Pornography in China

Liang, Jiajun, University of California, Los Angeles
“Perhaps Japan Doesn’t Exist Anywhere”: The Impossible Return in Abe Kōbō’s Beasts Head for Home (1957)

Lin, Pei-yin, University of Hong Kong
Towards a Post-National Practice: War Poetics and Material History in Wu Ming-yi’s Routes in the Dream and The Stolen Bicycle

Lu, Yingzhi, Stanford University
Reconstructing Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s Narrative Structure: A Study of the Ellipses in Diary of a Mad Old Man

McGee, Dylan, Nagoya University
Kinome Dengaku (fl. 1796—1816) and the Path to Commercial Publication in Nineteenth-Century Japan

Morand, Friso G.W., City University of Hong Kong
Green Techno-Nationalism: Japan’s Use of Green Technology as National Asset

Nakano, Ryoko, Kanazawa University
Japan’s Struggle with the Internationalization of Memory and Heritage

Ohsawa, Yuki, Josai International University
What does Anime Tourism Really Mean? The Locals Meet the Anime Fans Who Celebrate Anime Pilgrimage Sites

Paolesse, Marta, Roma Tre University
Images of Memory and War: Murakami and Wu Ming-yi’s Quest for Identity

Petrucci, Maria Grazia, University of British Columbia
Hasegawa Gonroku and the Manila Trade in the Early Years of the Tokugawa Shogunate

Ryu, Catherine, Michigan State University
 When Poetry Meets Politics: Illuminating the Creative Process through the Zainichi Poet Chong Ch’u-wŏl’s Verse “Ningo”

Saeki, Eiko, Hosei University
The Fetus as an Emerging Social Actor: Theory of Fetal Development in the Tokugawa Period

Schmid, Alban, University of Oxford
Constitutional Conventions and Sources of Law in early Seventeenth Century Chosŏn Korea

Schmidt-Hori, Sachi, Dartmouth College
Female-on-Female Violence in Premodern Japanese Narratives: Romantic Rivalry and Mamako Ijime

Seto, Tomoko, Yonsei University
Negotiating Gender and Labor: Japanese Female Professional Wrestlers, 1948—1958

Sinclair, Paul and Dongyan Blachford, University of Regina
China’s Complex Business Environment in the Early 20th Century: Banking Content from the Tō-A Dōbun Shoin’s Kago Suihen Textbook Series

Tanaka, Kathryn M., Otemae University
Literary Memories: Hansen’s Disease in An (Sweet Bean Paste) and Mugi baa no shima

Tian, Mo, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Collective Memory and Propaganda as Transitional Justice in the Process of De-Maoization

Trichilo, Josh, York University
Vibrant Materialisms: Shiga Naoya’s “Night Fires” and the Role of Things

Tsuchiya, Soichi, Waseda University
The Revival Movement for Onmyōdō Divination Studies and Practice in Meiji Period

Wang, Wei-Chih, National Tsing Hua University
The Japanized Posthuman Theatre in Taiwan

Ward, Max, Middlebury College
Thinking Like a State: Japan’s Interwar Thought Crime Apparatus

Witkam, Frank, Keio University
From Petty Brigands to Exemplary Women: Keisei suikoden and the Transculturation of Shuihu zhuan in Late Edo Japan

Work, Clint, University of Utah’s Asia Campus/University of Washington
Lineages of Dependence & Sticky Hierarchies: South Korea & The OPCON Debate

Wu, Yufeng, Shanghai University
The Operation Mode of the Commercial Performance of Li Yu‘s Family Troupe

Yamade, Yuko, Meiji University
Otherness and (Anti-)Globalization in Yoko Tawada’s Post-Incident Writings: An Analysis of Spread Around the World

Yang, Yue, University of Tokyo
From Phoenix to Dragon: Female Political Leaders’ Branded Female Identity on Social Media

Yasuda, Anri, George Washington University
Women in Water in Late-Meiji Literary-Visual Imagination: Ogai’s Marie and Sōseki’s Nami

Yoshida, Kaori, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Mobilizing affect: The Mechanism of Memory-Making of War Through Educational Dark Tourism (shūgaku ryokō) in Japan

Yu, Ting-Fai, Leiden University
Queer Diffusions, Uneven Spatialities and Sexual Subject-making in Hong Kong

Yuan, Ye, Columbia University
Sawada Issai and the Tōwa Study: Publishing, Neo-Confucianism, and Colloquial Chinese

Zhu, Mengwen, Hong Kong Baptist University
An Intertextual Brocade: Yu Xin’s “Imitation of ‘Singing of My Feelings’”