2018 Selected Panels

(Organizer name; Panel title)

Asato Ikeda, “War, Memory, and History in Modern and Contemporary Japanese Art”

Carola Hommerich, “The Quiet Transformation of Status Identification in Japan”

Christina Yi, “Displacements and Dislocations in Postwar Japanese Mass Media”

Csaba Olah, “Continuity and Change in Japanese Trade and Diplomacy during the
Transition from the Late-Medieval to the Early Modern Period”

David H. Slater, “Japanese Social Movements and Injustice (2): Contemporary

Ellen Nakamura, “Women’s Biographies in Modern Japan: Fictional, Collective,
Exemplary and Fake”

Jae-Jung Suh, “The Korean War as Transnational Postcolonial Conflicts”

James Farrer, “Japanese Culinary Politics: Taste, Nutrition, Safety and Status”

Jing Liu, “Borders in Transition: Logistics, Voyage and Diplomacy of Ming China and
Chosŏn Korea, 1592-1634”

Kelly Hansen, “Gendered Scripts in the Public Imaginary of Modern Japan”

Kevin Michael Smith, “Peripheries of Proletarian Aesthetics in East Asia”

Kevin Tsai, “The Aesthetics and Politics of Film from Taiwan and Hong Kong”

Kyunghee Pyun, “Modernity and Visibility of Asian-ness in Popular Culture:
A Reconsideration”

Lawrence E. Marceau, “Translation and Adaptation in Premodern Japan”

Lei Hu, “Border-Crossing, Cultural Interaction and Language Mobility in East Asia”

Li Youjia, “At the Interstices of Empires: Cultural Fissures, In-between Spaces, and
the Manufacturing of (Neo-)Colonialism in the Northwest Pacific, 1895-1953”

Linda Galvane, “‘Can We Clean It Up?’: Purity, Corporeality, and Pollution in Early
Modern and Modern Japanese Literature of Love and Eros”

Lindsay Rebecca Nelson, “Ghostly Realities in Contemporary East Asian Media”

Maj Hartmann, “Politics and Education in Japanese Publishing History”

Maria Grazia Petrucci, “The Jesuit Christian Conversion Policies in Light of Dissenting
Individuals and Events in 16th Century Japan”

Mario Liong, “In and Out: Transnational Migration to and from China”

Max Ward, “Tracing the Political Legacies of Transwar Japan: Intellectual, Aesthetic
and Institutional Histories”

Michael Tsang, “New Perspectives on Murakami Haruki: Transmediality, Gender, the Quest, and Love”

Miriam Wattles. “Taishō Love: Romance and Marriage Played out on Page, Stage,
and in Society”

Pau Pitarch Fernandez. “Producing the Creator: Changing Images of Authorship in
Japanese Literary History”

Sawako Ogawa. “The Genealogy of Shinpa Films from the Early Era to After the War”

Scott W. Aalgaard, “Japan in/as Musical Practice”

Simon Avenell, “Japanese Social Movements and Injustice (1): Historical Perspectives”

Tomoko Gomi, “Gender and Discourse in Late Imperial China”

Torsten Weber, “Remembering, Forgetting, and Forgiving? The Lasting Impact of
Japanese Imperialism on Japan’s Relations with its East Asian Neighbours,
1965 to Today”

Vanessa Frangville, “The Millennial Generation’s Culture in Chinese Cyberspace”

W. Puck Brecher, “Iterations of Individuality and Selfhood in Modernizing Japan,

Walter E. Grunden, “Science on the Move: The Transnational Migration of Science,
Technology, and Personnel in the Cold War”

Wanming Wang, “Xingling (Native Sensibility) after Yuan Hongdao (1568-1610):
The Inheritance and Innovation of Classical Chinese Poetics in
Early Modern China and Japan”

Yoichi Isahaya, “Reconsidering Modernity from the Age of the Mongols:
Proto-Globalization in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries”