Location / Access

The 2019 ASCJ Conference will the at Saitama University. The site is located in to the north of of Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and other areas of central Tokyo.

The address is:
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Saitama University
255 Shimo-Okubo, Sakura-ku
Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken 338-8570


English access information for Saitama University

Japanese access information

Detailed instructions for the  primary rail routes to Saitama University:
1) JR Saikyo Line to Minami-Yono (local train only–the commuter express does not stop at Minami-Yono). Then you need to take one of two buses to the university’s main gate, which is the final stop (both buses are identified as 埼玉大学行き).

There is only one turnstile in the JR station; turn left as you exit and you’ll see a bus stop/taxi stand. This is bus option one; however, the bus from this stop doesn’t run as often as bus option two. Bus Two leaves from a stop about 200 meters away. To get there, as you leave the station by the West Exit, turn right (heading north) and walk parallel to the elevated tracks until you come to the main road (Saidai-dori), and you’ll see the stop  slightly to the right under the elevated tracks. The bus ride takes perhaps 10 minutes.

2) JR Keihin Tohoku Line to Kita-Urawa. Take the West Exit (turning left from the one turnstile) and go to the bus stop farthest away on the left side of the street leading away from the station. Again, the bus is 埼玉大学行き (this is the bus that stops at the bus stop 200 meters from Minami Yono). This bus ride takes perhaps 15 minutes.

Once you pass through the main gate 正門, you’ll get off the bus at the circle and walk into the campus, where you will immediately see the Faculty of Liberal Arts 教養学部 to your left.

Saitama University campus map (in Japanese). The Faculty of Liberal Arts is Building 5. (The main gate is marked by a red triangle towards the bottom of the map, and the bus stop area is the small green marker located above the triangle.)
Saitama University Map