Welcome to the Registration page for the 2018 ASCJ Conference.

The Early Bird Registration Period (Feb. 20 – Apr. 20, 2018): Closed

Regular rate 4000 yen   Graduate Student  1000 yen
We ask that all of our selected presenters complete their registrations during this time frame.

Regular Online Registration Period (April 21 to June 9th): Closed

Regular rate 5000 yen   Graduate Student  1500 yen

After June 10, we will process on-site registrations at ICU. Please come to our Reception Desk when you first arrive.

Regular rate 6000 yen   Graduate Student  2000 yen

Reception following the Keynote Address

Regular rate 3000 yen   Graduate Student  2000 yen
Participants may pay for the Reception in advance at the Reception Desk or at the door.

*Important notice regarding payment methods to those who plan on registering at ICU once the conference begins:  
We will not be able to process credit/debit card transactions; therefore, please be prepared to pay for your Registration and Reception tickets in cash.

ATM locations near ICU: There is a Post Office ATM that will only be open on Saturday, 9AM-5PM. Off campus, there is a Seven Eleven convenience store on the road outside the main gate, about a 10 to 15 minute walk from University Hall (Honkan). The red marker on this map shows its location.

Aside from these options, we suggest that you use an ATM near the stations before you come to the ICU campus. This especially applies to Sunday, when the Post Office ATM will be closed.