Please read the following before contacting the ASCJ. It will not respond to inquiries regarding these points. Please contact the ASCJ if the following does not answer your inquiry.

PARTICIPATION: The ASCJ welcomes all interested participants to the conference, whether presenting or just attending the scheduled events.

REGISTRATION: All those listed on the program must register for the conference, even if (as in the case of joint authors) they cannot attend the conference.

LETTERS OF INVITATION: The ASCJ provides Letters of Invitation only to people listed on the program who register, that is individual paper presenters or panel members. Under no circumstances will it provide letters of invitation for other participants, registered or otherwise.

PAPER/PANEL SUBMISSION: The ASCJ only considers proposals that arrive by the deadline. Under no circumstances will it accept late proposals. Please see the Call for Papers for details.

FUNDING: The ASCJ runs on a tight budget and has no means of funding participants. Graduate students are admitted at a reduced rate. Undergraduate students and members of the host university not listed on the program may attend without registering or paying registration fees.

PUBLICATION: The ASCJ does not ask participants to submit their completed papers, except for eligible graduate students wishing to have their paper considered for the ASCJ Graduate Paper Prize. It has no means of publishing papers or recommending publications to participants.