Past Conferences

Since its first event in 1997, ASCJ’s annual conference has steadily grown in size, and in the diversity of subjects and themes covered by its participants. The following list shows the date and location for each conference. To access a list of panels and presenters for a particular year, please click on the Program links. There are also lists of abstracts for the most recent conferences.

1997 Inaugural Conference Program           Sophia University

1998 2nd Conference Program                      Sophia University

1999 3rd Conference Program                       Sophia University

2000 4th Conference Program                       Sophia University

2001 5th Conference Program                       Sophia University

2002 6th Conference Program                       Sophia University

2003 7th Conference Program                       Sophia University

2004 8th Conference Program                       Sophia University

2005 9th Conference Program                       Sophia University

2006 10th Conference Program                     International Christian University

2007 11th Conference Program                     Meiji Gakuin University

2008 12th Conference Program                     Rikkyo University

2009 13th Conference Program                     Sophia University

2010 14th Conference Program                     Waseda University

2011 15th Conference Program                     International Christian University

2012 16th Conference Program                     Rikkyo University

2013 17th Conference Program                     J.F Oberlin University

2014 18th Conference Program                     Sophia University

2015 19th Conference Program                     Meiji Gakuin University

19th Conference Abstracts

2016 20th Conference Program                      International Christian University

20th Conference Abstracts

2017 21st Conference Program                      Rikkyo University

 21st Conference Abstracts

2018 22nd Conference Program                    International Christian University

22nd Conference Abstracts

 2019 23rd Conference Program                     Saitama University

2020 Conference Cancelled

2021 Conference Cancelled

2022 Online Conference